SEPTA admits Tuesday will be a rough commute for its riders after taking one-third of its regional rail cars out of service because of cracks found in some equalizer beams.

General Manager Jeff Knueppel explained at a Sunday afternoon press conference the cracks were found on 95 out of 100 Silverliner V cars, which have been used on SEPTA's lines since 2010. The cracks were discovered during an inspection after a car was noticed to be leaning in one direction on Friday.

"Given the high number of cracked equalizer beams, even an interim fix will take considerable time. It is likely that car shortages will persist on the railroad at least through July and August," Knueppel said.

SEPTA in a statement said it will work with Hyundai Rotem, the rail car manufacturer, to resolve the problems. The suspension systems are still under warranty, and Hyundai Rotem is working cooperatively with SEPTA to locate and expedite the procurement of materials to repair or replace the failed suspension components.

Knueppel did not have specifics on how individual lines would be affected including West Trenton and Trenton but said they would be available on Monday. Extra early morning service will be made available where possible and NJ Transit & Amtrak have been asked for help.

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