What's old continues to be new again in television even though it's old. Shows like Hawaii 5-0, SWAT, and MacGyver have been rebooted and retooled with new casts and much success. But now we have "Will and Grace" returning with the original cast and doing well and soon "Rosanne" returns with the original cast including John Goodman whose character actually died in the series. How will they explain that? Ah, the magic of television.

Many times shows are cancelled when they still have a lot left in the tank. Plot lines that could have been explored are cut short by cancellation, but with syndication keeping many of these reruns alive, programmers are seeing that their popularity could be worth reviving. Here are some old shows that could be great if they returned.

  • King of Queens - When last we left Doug and Carrie they were parents of three year old toddlers and Arthur had come back to live with them. How funny would they be as parents? I'd much rather see that than "Kevin Can Wait" in fact for a KOQ reboot, I'd make Kevin wait longer.
  • Cheers - Imagine Sam Malone still owning the famous bar and chasing women of all ages! You can bring back Norm, Cliff, Carla, and pepper in some youth both behind the bar and as servers, not to mention the newer regulars that would come and go.
  • Law and Order - This show never should have been taken off the air in the first place as it's countless hours of syndication have proved. No matter what day of the week or what time it is, you're never too far from a L and O episode. Jack McCoy lives!
  • Married with Children - never gets old. Can you imagine Al Bundy dealing with Kelly and Bud who still haven't left the house? Not to mention their children....
  • WKRP in Cincinnati - Now it would be a classic rock station with Johnny Fever still doing mornings only now he has a young sidekick who drives him nuts. Less Nessman hates dealing wit the digital age would be funny and the "Big Guy" is replaced by the corporate conglomerate his mother sold them to.
  • TAXI - Imagine of it's now owned by Jim Ignatowski and he hires Louis DePalma to run it. The rest of the cast can be filled in with the old guys making appearances now and then.

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