What a difference a year makes. My cousin Rich desperately needed a kidney and for the longest time, wouldn't ask for one. If you know my cousin from either Reliable Safety Systems, which is the business he founded or announcing and managing motocross at Raceway Park, you know that he's the guy who will drop everything to do something for you. It's not the other way around. That is until I finally convinced him to come on New Jersey 101.5 and make the request that would end up saving the quality of his life.

Rich Trevelise photo
Rich Trevelise photo

To hear Rich tell it from his Facebook page:

"So then what do I wind up doing...going on the radio with my cousin Steve Trevelise to talk about it to anyone that would listen on New Jersey 101.5 radio. We also talked about how donating can be the ultimate gift someone can give as this was the day after Christmas in 2017. Little did I know Ashley Lynn was listening who is one of our trusty EMT's at Raceway Park, my 36-year part-time job, the motto side of my life."

"Thanks to Ashley she gave the gift of a kidney, a new life for me, and I can't find a way to say thank you."

Rich is not the only person to receive a kidney thanks to New Jersey 101.5, Last year Fire Captain Robbo Pisani came on and revealed his need for a kidney and Melissa Kohlman happened to be listening and donated hers.

It's never been easier to donate an organ in New Jersey thanks to a new law that provides financial help. So many people check off the organ donation box on their driver's licenses, how great would be to give the gift of life to someone while you're still alive to see the good you accomplished?

If you'd like to get tested as a possible donor, call The St. Barnabas Living Donor Institute at 973-322 5346.

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