A new report prepared by the lawyer Gov. Chris Christie hired to investigate Bridgegate finds allegations made by a North Jersey mayor, about strong-arm tactics involving Superstorm Sandy aid, are not true.

Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer
Andrew Burton, Getty Images

Shortly after the Bridgegate scandal erupted, Hoboken mayor Dawn Zimmer said Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno and another member of the Christie administration told her if she didn't support a development project favored by the governor, Sandy relief money earmarked for her city would be held up.

Attorney Randy Mastro said during a news conference Thursday that those allegations "are not only unsubstantiated, they are demonstrably false in material respects."

"Mayor Zimmer's subjective perceptions do not match the objective reality reflected in the hard evidence that we uncovered during our investigation," Mastro said. "In fact, they are contradicted by contemporaneous documents, witness accounts and her own prior statements, so no remedial actions are required in regard to those allegations."

A short time later, Guadagno issued her own statement on the report's findings:

When I addressed the allegations made by Hoboken mayor Dawn Zimmer in January, I categorically denied them as false and illogical. I also stated that my position would be borne out by a full evaluation of the facts. Now, after an exhaustive review, it is clear that Mayor Zimmer's allegations do not stand up to scrutiny, and in truth, are demonstrably false based on contemporaneous documents, other witness accounts, and her own prior statement(s), all contained in the report. In fact, Mayor Zimmer's version of events was and is fictional."

Mayor Zimmer then issued a statement:

Randy Mastro could have written his report the day he was hired and saved the taxpayers the million dollars in fees he billed in generating this one-sided whitewash of serious misconduct by the Christie administration.

Mastro's conclusion that there was nothing to the threat that was made to me that Hoboken would not get the Sandy relief money it needs and deserves unless I supported the Rockefeller Group project was sadly predictable. Surprisingly, as flawed as this report is, it includes the damning fact that after the Lieutenant Governor made the threat to me in the parking lot, she got in her car and told an aide that I was 'not playing ball.'

This report only reinforces the soundness of the decision I made not to cooperate with Mr. Mastro's so-called investigation. To do so would only have leant credibility to an effort that, unfortunately for the taxpayers of New Jersey, has no credibility or legitimacy whatsoever.

Mr. Mastro stated that none of the interviews that were conducted were under oath. I remain ready and willing to testify under oath as part of any legitimate investigation."

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