🔴 Gov. Phil Murphy hired the lawyer who investigated Bridgegate for Chris Christie

🔴 Bridget Kelly accused Randy Mastro of destroying the lives of women

🔴 Women in the legislature should call for Mastro to be fired, Kelly says

A key figure in the "Bridgegate" scandal is criticizing Gov. Phil Murphy for hiring the same attorney that the Christie administration used for damage control during the controversy.

Gov. Phil Murphy said the state has hired Randy Mastro, the same attorney Chris Christie tasked with conducting an internal Bridgegate investigation, to come up with a legal plan to stop New York City's congestion toll plan, which received final approval from the Federal Highway Administration.

Kelly: Mastro makes a living destroying women's lives

Bridget Kelly, who was sentenced to 18 months in prison for her role in the lane closures before the U.S. Supreme Court threw out her conviction in 2020, criticized Murphy on her Twitter account for hiring Mastro.

“Promoting men who make a living destroying women is unacceptable, especially in a leader of this state. It is disgusting that Phil Murphy has given Randy Mastro another taxpayer-funded multi million-dollar contract but it is not surprising,” she said.

"Both Phil Murphy & Randy Mastro seem to have missed the MeToo movement. They think it is acceptable to empower men who cover up sexual assault, who slut shame, and who think nothing of destroying women for sport. Just like Chris Christie they think they can get away with it," Kelly said.

The state Attorney General's Office reimbursed Kelly $7.2 million for her legal expenses in May. She lost a close race for Bergen County Clerk in 2021.

Mastro's role in Christie administration


Mastro's Bridgegate report blamed former Port Authority official David Wildstein and Christie's then-deputy chief of staff, Bridget Kelly, for trying to cover up their involvement in the closure of lanes on the George Washington Bridge in Fort Lee that created massive traffic delays.

The 300-page report made several references to a relationship between Kelly and Christie's campaign manager, Bill Stepien.

Mastro did not speak to Kelly, Stepien or Wildstein for his report.

Kelly called on women in the state Legislature to call on Murphy to apologize and fire Mastro.

"Those who say nothing in the name of partisanship show their true colors," Kelly said.

Randy Mastro shows his independent review of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's government during a news conference in March, 2014 in New York
Randy Mastro shows his independent review of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's government during a news conference in March, 2014 in New York (Brendan McDermid-Pool/Getty Images)

New York's Department of Transportation is now preparing to implement the plan, which could take effect in the spring. New York Gov. Kathy Hochul said Tuesday that congestion pricing is the antidote to achieving clean air, safer streets and better transit.

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