Well that didn’t last long. Just two weeks ago I wrote about how ‘street magician’ David Blaine planned to leave New Jersey not in a moving van like most of us daydream about but rather strapped to helium balloons. The stunt was to be called ‘Ascension’ and was to take place Monday August 31.

Ain’t happenin’.

It was to be oddly reminiscent of the movie Up where an old man’s entire home floats away tied to helium balloons. Blaine was going to take off from the Jersey side of the Hudson River and land in New York. Now it’s being reported by NJ.com that the whole thing was scrapped and instead will be taking place in Arizona. On Sunday he posted to Twitter that because “it’s really complex” it will now be happening there, whatever that means.

He says the stunt now may happen Tuesday or Wednesday September 1 or 2 but is “wind dependent.” (We don’t have wind in Jersey?) Whatever his reasons for changing location he seems intent on going through with it. He said subscribing to his YouTube channel will get you updates.

However this turns out it won’t be any weirder than his other antics such as the time he stood inside a plexi glass case for 44 days eating no food and having only water while people below taunted him. Could this be like the time I didn’t get off the couch for three days eating nothing but pizza while people yelled at me to get a job? Huh. Maybe I’m a street magician!

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