Think you have the best wiener dog in the world?

Well, we've teamed up with Dogs & Cats Rule for you to have a chance to show that pup off to the world. Yeah, we're hosting a Wiener Dog Race at Freedom Festival 2019 in Mercer County Park on June 29.

It's one of our favorite events at Freedom Festival, and this year should once again be an awesome time. The race will get underway at 5 pm on June 29. Once again, we have awesome prizes for the participants. Every dog in the race will receive a bag of dog food just for participating. Plus, our winner will actually win three months worth of dog food!

Online registration is now closed. We'll see you on the course on Saturday!

Wanna see the race? Of course, you do! The race will take place at 5 pm on the grounds of Mercer County Park (near the food trucks). Follow signs and listen for announcements for more details.

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