Count this as a win for NJ pizza!

Another Garden State pizzeria has been highlighted by Barstool Sport's founder, Dave Portnoy. "I knew I had to get here," he said of Raritan Borough’s Delucia's Brick Oven Pizza located at 3 First Ave.

Portnoy has made it his mission to review pizza places around the U.S. and he's no stranger to what New Jersey has to offer. See the end of this article for the other pizzerias that he's sampled throughout the state.

As for Delucia's, people will say that it's not just the best pizza in New Jersey, Portnoy says, but the world.

In his own words: This [pizza pie] is a sexy girl (or guy) shaking that ass walking down the street.

That's high praise... I think?

Even greater praise comes when Portnoy pulls a slice from the pie and you can see the crispiness with your own eyes.

"Zero flop," as he puts it.

Delucia's was first opened as a bread bakery in 1917 by Italian immigrant Costanio DeLucia.

According to their website: In the early years, horse and buggy delivered the bread to Raritan and other towns as far away as Martinsville. In the 1930s, pizza was added to the menu. By the early 1950s, pizza popularity in this country grew so large that DeLucia's converted to an all pizza menu.

They estimate that over 3 million pizzas have been made throughout their time in the Garden State.

Is it the best pizza slice Portnoy has ever had?

"It's 100% in the conversation," he said during his tasting. His final rating was a glowing 9.4!

You can watch his full review here:

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5's Kylie Moore. Any opinions expressed are Kylie's own. You can follow Kylie on Instagram.

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