No, they didn't mean to do it. They weren't out to make any bold statements. But when QuickChek introduced their new breakfast sandwich known as The Boss, some of us noticed something. This 556 calorie creation that comes between two English muffins lists its ingredients as egg, cheese, bacon, sausage and pork roll.

That's right. Pork roll.

Not of much consequence until you realize almost all New Jersey QuickChek locations are in the northern half of the state and their headquarters are in Whitehouse Station in Hunterdon County. That's darn close to 78 and decidedly in the north. North Jersey. Where we've always heard people call it Taylor ham.

Have we stumbled upon the smoking gun, the holy grail of the pork roll/Taylor ham paradox? If they're calling it pork roll that close to 78 then is it time for the Taylor ham crowd to throw in the towel? Come out with their hands up? Admit defeat? I say yes. Pork roll is a thing. Taylor is a brand name. What's more, Taylor packaging will actually say pork roll. Years ago food labeling regulations required John Taylor to designate it as "pork roll" alongside its competitors.

So I understand you might want to call an adhesive bandage a Band-Aid and a gelatin dessert Jello, but the fact is, you enjoy pork roll New Jersey. Embrace it!

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