The investigation into this month's Seaside boardwalk fire continues, and many questions remain unanswered.

On tonight's Ask the Governor, Chris Christie had more details on the fire – explaining in part why it's so difficult to get answers.

"The wires [that reportedly started the fire] were inaccessible without removing the boardwalk and the building, to inspect them."

He added: "But there's no question that if anyone was going to inspect them, it's a municipal responsibility. I'm not going to meddle in getting us involved in inspecting all this wiring."

Ocean County Prosecutor Joseph Cornato has determined the fire, which was caused by old wires under Kohr's Frozen Custard stand in Seaside Park, was accidental, but it's unclear who had inspected those wires, and when the inspection was done.

Calls made by Townsquare Media News to Seaside Park officials have not been returned, and a spokesman for JCP&L insists they don't own the wires.

Tonight, Christie said he's been told "right near the site of the fire there was a 16 foot easement that was given to the municipality by the private property owner. It's very difficult to figure out where all that stuff is located because everything's burnt. They'll be able to find out eventually."

Seaside Heights Boardwalk Fire (Spencer Platt, Getty Images)

It is believed storm surge from Sandy damaged the wiring that sparked the fire.

The blaze, which took several hours to control, destroyed more than 50 boardwalk businesses.