Are you as sick and tired of everyone pulling out their phones to capture humanity at their worst? Enough.

We’ve talked about the incident that happened at the local Sesame Place water park last week. A woman got into a verbal sparring match with another customer. She clearly was agitated and had lost her temper. But then things got worse. A woman behind the scene pulled out her phone and started taunting the woman and taking video. The older lady who was initially agitated got more angry and then launched into the video taker telling the hijab wearing Muslim woman to “go back where she came from”.

Obviously that’s unacceptable and she’s been barred from coming back to the park. That said, why no consequences for the video taker? She’s the one that escalated a confrontation that didn’t involve her and could have been stopped before it got out of control. Now we’re supposed to buy that she’s a victim of a hateful comment? I call BS. The verbal attack only happened after she pulled out her phone to capture the moment of anger from a complete stranger who wasn’t even talking to her at first.


The park should have thrown her out as well. Maybe they were afraid of being called bigots because the woman was Muslim. I don’t know, but I do know there’s a lotta PC nonsense going around today and we’re excusing bad behavior more and more.

The angry cursing woman should’ve been thrown out for her profanity-laced tirade and swatting at the other woman’s phone. But the Muslim woman should have faced consequences of escalating a scene and actively taunting a stranger.

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