Even if you weren't a fan of the punk rock scene, you still know punk's poet laureate Patti Smith from her most popular song co-written with Bruce Springsteen "Because The Night." Yes, that Patti Smith.

She's a native of Deptford, NJ and the other day she caused quite an unexpected stir inside a bookshop in Haddonfield. Inkwood NJ is an independent bookstore that happened to have copies of her new book Year of the Monkey sitting in the window when she happened to be walking by and noticed them.

She went inside and introduced herself and jaws dropped. Patti Smith explained of all the dozens of books she's penned since the early 70's she has never once seen one in a store window and she wanted to come in and thank them for the experience.

Of course she graciously signed a bunch of copies thrilling everyone in sight. She even mentioned how much she loves independent bookstores and appreciated their shop. While we're going gaga over Patti Smith here's a look back at her performing in 1978.

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