If the point of a cleverly named business is to get people to talk about them, the founders of Beer Naked Ladies have succeeded.

The proposed microbrewery hasn’t even gotten zoning approval yet, but they’re drawing attention in Barnegat. According to the Asbury Park Press, two members of the township’s planning board are clearly not fans of the name “Beer Naked Ladies Brewing Company.” One member referred to the name as “offensive.” (They’re probably not fans of “One Week,” either).

The company wants to use the location of a former ice cream shop on Route 9 open a craft brewery to brew and sell their beers. The Barnegat planning board didn’t take any action, though, saying that the company needed a zoning variance before they could consider it. So, right now, Beer Naked Ladies is in limbo. While overall beer sales have dropped nationally, craft beer sales have increased according to the Asbury Park Press.

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