Well THAT didn't turn out as planned!

Just like New Jersey, promposals have swept the nation. In Henderson, Nevada, Austin Mousa wanted to ask Hannah Masluk to prom. His friend Johnny was along to capture the whole thing on video. Only Austin wasn't sure exactly which door was Hannah's.

Johnny claimed he knew. He had Austin's back. Yet when the door opened, it wasn't Hannah. Worst part is the strange girl seemed quite excited to see Austin and started declaring, "Oh my God!" Clearly she thought this promposal was for her. On the count of three everyone..."AWKWARD!"

Check out the video below captured on Austin's Twitter to see what happened.

According to USA Today, he finally got it right and he and Hannah are going to prom together. But that poor other girl!

Promposals are nothing new to New Jersey. In Westfield a senior knew his intended date was coming back from the airport so with the help of his father he erected a huge sign on her front lawn asking her to prom. She saw the gigantic thing as she pulled up to the house and she said yes.

Another senior there had the same calculus teacher as the girl he wanted to ask out but during a different period. He placed his promposal beneath a projector for her to find. It was a math equation that read "The Integral Of Prom = you + me."

Then there was the classic one from this year where a boy sought and received the help of the Ocean City Police Department. He set it up to ride along with an officer in his patrol car and have that officer pull over the girl. The officer made her sweat, having her get out of the car and stand by the rear of her vehicle in the wake of the flashing lights. She had to be worried there was some mistaken warrant out for her arrest. Then out of the squad car comes the boy holding a sign reading, "Prom?" She said yes.

Promposals follow in the footsteps of elaborate wedding proposals, where many grooms feel a ridiculous amount of pressure to do the JumboTron proposal or other versions. Marching bands have been hired. Flash mobs have been organized. Even for a wedding proposal you have to wonder if it's worth the pressure and the competition. But for prom? Definitely too much pressure for a senior in high school. What's the next step? Danceposals for the 7th grade dance? Come on already.

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