Raritan Borough Council President Nick Carra is showing us what strong local leadership looks like.

In Raritan, the police needed a new headquarters.

Nick decided that instead of spending more than $4 million for a new HQ, he'd move the municipal government to a bank that had been closed and move the cops into the current municipal building.

Brilliant. Simple. Practical.

This is the kind of thinking we need at the local level. It's one of the reasons we focus on local government to fix NJ from the bottom up.

Saves the borough of Raritan at least $4 million.

Boro Hall was dated and needed more space for public safety and other government functions. Pre-lockdowns, it was an $8 million cost for a new facility. Post-lockdown, the price was $12 million.

PNC closed the main street branch and Nick redirected the plan to buy the building and renovate.

So, the cops get a home, the government can function in a new space AND the taxpayers save millions.

Not to mention another 32 parking spaces.

Also important to credit and thank goes to Congressman Tom Kean Jr. who fought to get this local borough a federal grant to help offset the costs of providing necessary space for a functioning government.

GOP Chairman Tim Howes who is one of the strongest advocates for police, fire and EMTs joined us Thursday on the show to talk about the importance of local leadership. He talked about the strong leadership from Nick and his campaign for Mayor.

Nick is going to be an outstanding leader in the Mayor's office and the town will be lucky to have him at the helm.

Local matters!

Under Tim Howes leadership over the past few years, more than 7 in 10 Somerset County residents live under GOP leadership in their local town.

Somerset County (Photo via Google Maps)
Somerset County (Photo via Google Maps)

As you know, we are focused on local races across the state for the upcoming election cycle.

One thing that distracts pollical leaders, pundits and fundraisers often is the top of the ticket races. More money, more press, more notoriety in a win.

But for us, I believe that the strength of our community, state and country is to build from the ground up.

School boards, council, mayors, commissioners all have the power to protect the rights of parents, businesses and families.

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