Richard Yocum, the head of the NJ chapter of the NJSPCA called into Jim's show today (6/14) to set the record straight about the unrestrained animal in your car law.

Dogs are still free to hang their heads out car windows in NJ

The comments that have been floated around regarding NJ drivers being ticketed for not putting a seat belt on Fido are not true. Nor are the rumors about owners receiving tickets for their dogs hanging their heads out the car window. The key to this law are the words  improper transportation, meaning that if a dog were to be traveling in the rear of an open pickup or hanging the majority of its body out a window, then and only then, would a driver receive a summons.

Yocum commended Jim on being the ONLY person in NJ that was reporting the facts correctly regarding what this law, statute NJ4:22-18 was intended for and that is to prevent the cruel and inhumane transportation of animals

You can listen to the entire interview here.

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