I warned you about this disturbing TikTok challenge last week letting you know that it has spread to Jersey. Now it is really getting close to home since there was just a hit in Point Pleasant.

Police want everyone to know about this trend so if you see it happening you can report it asap.  Also, if you are a parent, talk to your kids about how dangerous and costly this can be.  It’s no joke if they get caught accepting the challenge, police will prosecute.

In case you are not aware of the Orbeez Challenge, here’s what it’s about.

TikTok fans are being challenged to fire frozen Orbeez (jelly-like balls) at people from airsoft or splat ball guns for drive-by shootings.

Typically the pellets soak in water and expand, if shot at this state they would burst on contact, however, the trend is to freeze them, which makes them dangerous causing bruising, welts and it can even break the skin.

When shot at property like a car windshield, it could break the glass.

This is a fair warning that if you accept the challenge you are agreeing to serious criminal activity and you will be treated accordingly by law enforcement.

We heard of challenges being reported in Mercer County in Hamilton and also in Westfield, New Jersey. Now the latest report comes out of Point Pleasant. Keep your eyes out for kids pulling this prank and call the police if you see any suspicious activity.

You can read more about the Orbeez Challenge here.

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