It's not only "Black Friday," but you can be the first in your neighborhood to come home with your Christmas Tree!

For the last few days, you've probably noticed the bundled trees arriving at the spots across the Great Garden State, where the tree stands pop up, year after year.

Turn HERE! (Craig Allen photo).
Everyone has at least a FEW trees! (Craig Allen photo).

Many are open today... Even the BIG stores are stocking trees, as you can see, above!

MORE trees! (Craig Allen photo).

Which begs the question: WHEN will you buy your Christmas Tree?

Imagine the fun of getting the whole family together to decorate the tree...

...adding a new ornament or two, to the collection of treasured favorites (family heirlooms) from Christmases past...

This ornament decorated my grandparents' tree in the 1930's and 40's! (Craig Allen photo)


See a tree you'd like? (Craig Allen photo).

Jersey Tree sellers are hoping that your JOY starts today.