Asking whether or not it’s a Superbowl party without wings is like asking whether or not it’s Thanksgiving without the turkey!

Although plenty of folks I know eschew the turkey in November and vie for ham instead.

But what of your football buffet? I’m sure there are plenty of chips, dips, chili, pigs in blankets, perhaps pizza and God-knows what else to harden the arteries.

My favorite – besides the chili, stuffed prosciutto bread with mozzarella, chicken Francese - is stuffed pasta shells, served with a ricotta filling, and topped with tomato “gravy” and plenty of mozzarella.

And for those aficionados of wings, while I’m no fan – we made sure to serve them anyway.

Otherwise our house would be banished from the list of future parties.

But were it up to me, I’d leave all the other crap but leave out the wings

Just like one commenter on my Facebook page had to say:

“tons of appetizers (mini egg rolls, mini beef & scallion rolls, pepperoni bread, shrimp on mini toasts, mini lobster quiche & many other mini's) antipasto, escarole soup, homemade breads, sausage & peppers & baked ziti. NO wings! LOL”

Here’s another one:

“I hate wings too”

And this:

And how can you hate wings, cuz? Seriously??

So bring on the Seahawks to go for a repeat, let’s all watch Katy possibly have a wardrobe malfunction, and Giselle kick Tom’s butt after the game – again!

And stuff our faces – wings or not.

Is it a Super Bowl party without the wings?

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