Is a boneless wing really a wing? That's one of the questions I posed to Hooters girls Victoria Martin and Paige who came on my show to bring wings and play "Jersey's Opening Lines." See I was told once when filling in for Jeff Deminski with Joe V. that the boneless wings were really tenders living a lie. So in this video, we get to the truth, as well as some other truths as to why Hooters girls will not take their tops off (I mean jackets).

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The girls also demonstrate the proper way to not only eat wings and fried pickles, which are delicious, but how to hit on a Hooters girl. These beauties work in Princeton and get hit on every day and or night. We also had callers and social media chime in with their best pickup lines, among them...

  • Drop a packet of sugar on the floor next to her and pick it up saying 'You dropped your name tag."
  • Comedian John Kensil - "Throw ice cubes on the floor say 'now that we broke the ice let's go back to my pad, hubba hubba!' If she slips on the ice say "oh you're really falling for me."
  • Nick Palumbo Sr. - "I lost my phone number. Can I have yours?"
  • Ron Fisherkeller - "Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?"
  • Kevin D. Hill - "You smell that? That's love."
  • Elmer Dunn - "I saw a guy use this one time. Now they are married with four kids. 'How would you like to go halves on a baby.'"
  • Frank Puleo - "Add up the digits in your phone number and I'll do the same and whoever has the highest number buys dinner."
  • Comedian Mike K C - "Are you wifi cause I'm feeling a connection."
  • Clothing Scott - "I'm Jewish and I have a helluva future ahead of me. WANNA DANCE?"
  • Christal Dior - "You'll make a great single mom, trust me!"

Not sure about that last one!

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