Congratulations People's Republic of Montclair. You destroyed a man's business with your evolved, politically correct erudite snottiness.

Dairy Air opened about a year ago and drew immediate fire for it's playful logo. It was an ice cream shop that used liquid nitrogen to make its frozen treats, and they came up with a clever name. When written it's two words, dairy air, but when said sounds like derriere. Thus the logo. A cow with pigtails and lipstick looking back at you over its shoulder and with a decidedly human looking tush.

That's all it took for people to start complaining. Remember this is the land of Stephen Colbert. The place Chris Christie referred to as the People's Republic of Montclair. The land of the liberal. It started with another local business owner Amy Tingle blasting the logo and calling it offensive. Ironically she runs an art shop where they sell far more sexualized art than this logo. Now of course, a liberal would say...but that's art!

Anthony Tortoriello, owner of Dairy Air has announced the business is closing. He blames "extreme radical liberals." What was supposed to be a playful logo was met with him and his crew, even his daughter, being berated and harassed according to Anthony. He says that harassment never ended. He told, "People would come into the shop and impose their opinions on my staff, in their face. People would walk in and see the logo and it would start up again, not to mention the letters and emails."

Again, he says even his 15 year old daughter was harassed "by extremist radical liberal people." You'll find my original thoughts on this ridiculous controversy from a year ago here. But let me just say what a shame that when someone has the guts to go for the American dream and open up a small business in a climate such as New Jersey it has to end this way. I don't know how much of it had to do with Montclair's not accepting it versus other factors. But for people to walk inside a shop and harass the crew over a stupid cartoon logo is just pathetic. Do you all feel good about yourselves now? Are you looking forward to your participation trophy for yelling feminist ideology at a guy just trying to sell ice cream and make a better life for his family? Pats on the back all around. You saved the world from a cartoon cow with a butt. Nice work.

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