The Polar Bear Plunge is in its 25th year helping special needs kids dream big. Saturday Feb. 24 is the big plunge in Seaside Heights. I attended this a couple years back and the love and camaraderie in the air is palpable. My wife is plunging again this year. She’s a special education language arts teacher and a big contingent from her school is raising as much money as possible for this worthy cause. The plunge takes place at noon and I don’t envy her. I just checked the current water temperature and it’s 40 Degrees and I don’t imagine it’s warming up much by tomorrow.

She is only $209 shy of making her donations goal so if you’d like to be a hero any amount would help. She’s not doing it for herself but for kids with special needs here in New Jersey. I’m not asking for us; I’m asking for those kids. Go to this link for more information and how to easily and quickly donate.

I’ve done some crazy things for charity like a jello jump where I donned a bathing suit and threw myself into a huge pool of slimy jello, and a donkey softball game which is just what it sounds like. The entire game is played riding bareback on live donkeys. Not easy. I must have been thrown at least 20 times. But never have I thrown myself into the icy waters of the Atlantic. It takes a crazy personality and a big heart to do this so please help if you can.

By the way, if you're going take some pictures why not share them through the NJ1015 app? Your photo might just be worth $150. We have a contest you may be interested in with all the details here.

Also for those freezin' for a reason or just tagging along, here's a link to a handy guide with some things you'll want to know.

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