Tonight on Jersey’s Opening Lines, we premiere the new 90’s category!

Play "Jersey's Opening Lines" with Steve Trevelise on NJ101.5
User debtony

Playing “Jersey’s Opening Lines” is easy! I'll give you an opening line from a song that we play weekends on New Jersey 101.5 “when the music comes out to play.” If you can correctly guess what song it is, you'll win a pair of tickets to the North East Golf Show! The Golf Show will take place on February 27th through March 1st at the Garden State Exhibit Center.

You could also win a pair of tickets to the Sun National Bank Center to see Disney on Ice: Princesses & Heroes on January 29th!

You can choose what decade your song will be from - the 70’s or 80’s OR the 90’s!

Play “Jersey’s Opening Lines” tonight at 10 with Steve Trevelise! It’s the first thing you hear when the music comes out to play!

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