On New Years Eve, I was sitting around the couch with my family when one of my kids suggested a game for us to play to pass the time till midnight. I was not too sold on the idea that a downloadable app on my phone would be any sort of fun or bonding for my family, however, I was pleasantly surprised. As are other New Jerseyans who emailed to say this is going to be the hottest game of 2021.

How “Psych” works is this: participants join the game with a code, and then the group decides from a number of topics—all of which ask questions that are anonymously answered. For example, a question we had was “If Judi had a museum what would be in it?”. I’m not gonna tell you what the answers were. But some of them were less than flattering. So, after reading the prompt, everyone including the subject of the question must answer.

It is up to the players to decide whether to take an accurate or comedic route, however, I highly recommend comedic. Reading everyone’s funny and creative answers and then trying to figure out who wrote what kept us playing so many rounds that we almost missed the ball drop.

Including the personal questions, there are also other topics where a question is asked and everyone must come up with an answer. There’s a correct answer, however, so the point of this topic is to try and guess the correct answer. My family once again decided to use more comical answers, which made the correct answer even funnier in some instances. I can’t believe I spent my entire life unaware of this game.

I swear it is so much less complicated than it sounds. It’s going to sound so crazy but it’s literally the most fun you will ever have hanging out with your family.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Judi Franco. Any opinions expressed are Judi's own.


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