Deminski & Doyle have been playing 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon on the air for years. A few months after I joined the show, I moved to Freehold. In perhaps the biggest coincidence that's ever happened to me, my new next-door neighbor just so happened to be Brian Turtle, one of the creators of the 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon concept. Back in early October, Brian Turtle showed up at Deminski & Doyle's live broadcast at Tre in Freehold. Bill Doyle is really good at 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon, but it was there where D&D got to see the master in action for the first time.

Now, Brian Turtle helps run a company called Endless Games. Part of his job is to do what most of us would kill to do for a career: Create board games. In fact, he's the creator of Name 5, another game that Deminski and Doyle adapted into an on-air contest.

You will have a chance to compete against Brian Turtle in the game he helped create during the 6 PM hour of today's Deminski and Doyle Show. If you can take down Brian Turtle in 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon, you'll have one of four entertaining family board games delivered to your house as a prize.

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