Remember when you were a little kid and your father or uncle told you to "pull their finger"? Who ever thought that would become a popular kids game in 2018? "Pull My Finger" hit the shelves of Toys R Us ahead of the Christmas rush and did gangbusters according to Malibu based toy manufacturer Jakks Pacific who's publicly trade company is launching "Skid Shot 30" which spits out wet balls of toilet paper.

Why the obsession with poop toys? It's because we've "evolved" as a society to the point that they are acceptable. Once upon a time you never talked about poop in public, now it's acceptable. Actually, society finally caught up to what's been funny and entertaining since time and life began. What's the first thing that made you laugh even before you could speak? I can see a caveman putting his finger out to a baby caveman and grunting so the baby can pull it. If you look at the hieroglyphics, you'll actually see drawings of people holding their fingers out to little ones.

Experts say poop toys such as those that crank out fake feces, turds, or loud farts are expected to blow up sales in such stores a Walmart, Target, and Toys R Us.

Few things are funnier than the fart, ask any comic or shock jock. In the last few years, poop has been immortalized in both emoji's and cartoon characters. Who knows, by the end of this decade, we'll probably see "Pull My Finger" the movie!

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