Like Big Joe Henry, I too was saddened to see Asbury Park's Paramount Theatre and Convention Hall close. One of my best memories there was seeing Dion DeMucci put on an incredible show for a 79-year-old man at the time. I saw Big Joe Henry host Ronnie Spector and later got the privilege of bringing the queen of rock on stage myself. Of course, you have to mention all the "Light Of Day" shows.

I was lucky enough to perform standup at the Paramount opening for Mike Marino. Before the doors opened, I was standing on the stage of the empty theatre thinking of all the great acts who performed there and took a picture from behind the mic facing the crowd.

It's now framed in my office.

Richard HOYNES
Richard Hoynes

Everyone has their own little piece of Paramount memory. For Convention Hall, for me there was nothing that could compare to two rehearsal shows that Bruce Springsteen did back in March of 1999. I was lucky enough to be at one of them.

I'll never forget how cold it was on the boardwalk as we stood in line for our tickets, then standing about 10 feet away from him while he played. It was be far the best show I have ever seen in my life. The exorbitant amount of money I spent was well worth it, no new album, no political speeches, just great E Street music.

Just because these two iconic venues are closed doesn't mean there is nothing to do in Asbury Park. The great job Madison Marquette has done bringing back the boardwalk continues.

Here are some great places to see and do in Asbury Park.

Patricia Tyson Purks:
"Love the Silverball museum."

Steve Trevelise photo.
Steve Trevelise photo.
Steve Trevelise photo.
Steve Trevelise photo.

Adam Daniel:
"Mogo Korean barbecue tacos are THE BEST!!! And watch out for Mutiny BBQ Company coming soon to a brick and mortar location!!!"

Jill Zutty:

Patti Eberhardt Sharpless:
"Confections of a Rockstar Bakery. The atmosphere is great and there is a huge drum set on the top level."

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