Louis Giambi, who was convicted of the 1982 Pine Hill Massacre, in which a Pine Hill couple and their three year old daughter were murdered, has died in prison.

Giambi, wearing a stringy wig, leather gloves and armed with a handgun broke into the home on April 17, 1982. The married couple, William and Catherine Stuart, were at home watching TV when Giambi kicked in their door. He made the pair go upstairs into a bathroom, along with their daughter, Sandra, where he shot each one in the face. Another daughter, five-year-old Miriam, was unhurt.

Giambi had been hired to kill an informant in an assault case. Turns out he went to the wrong house.

The Stuarts had no involvement with Giambi, or the man who hired him, James Cloran. William was an insurance adjuster and his wife was an instructor at a local college living a suburban life in Camden County. The shocking murder went unsolved for over a year until Giambi, who was part of a meth gang, confessed to a cellmate while in jail on an unrelated charge. Giambi was indicted in Camden County in December 1983 on 52 charges related to the murders, according to NJ.com.

Giambi was tried and convicted of the three murders. He was sentenced to three life terms plus 16½ years for other charges (conspiracy, distribution of a controlled dangerous substance, unlawful transfer of firearms, tampering with witnesses and informants and bribery). Miriam was sent to live with relatives after testifying at the trial. She told the Philadelphia Inquirer in 2016 that she hoped Giambi would rot in jail. She got her wish. Giambi was 83.

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