We tend to believe some wild things in the Garden State.

There are some who believe that Central Jersey doesn’t exist, some who swear they’ve seen the Jersey Devil, and those who believe that politicians in Trenton will do something about our insane property taxes.

There’s one thing, though, that it turns out New Jerseyans won’t fall for… at least not as much as the rest of the country.

According to research put out by BetKentucky, people from New Jersey are the least likely to believe in the Flat Earth theory.

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They were able to figure this out by tracking Google searches:

Google Keyword Tool was utilized to reveal which states are searching for the flat earth conspiracy online – using terms such flat earth, flat earthers, the earth is flat throughout the last 12 months.

This data was then ranked based on population across the US.

Flat Earth in space
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For those unfamiliar with the theory, here’s how Wikipedia describes it:

Modern flat Earth beliefs are promoted by organizations and individuals advocating that the Earth is flat while denying the Earth's sphericity, contrary to over two millennia of scientific consensus.

Side note: This might be the saltiest Wiki page I’ve ever read and I love it.

Flat Earth beliefs are pseudoscience; the hypotheses and assertions are not based on scientific knowledge. Flat Earth advocates are classified by experts in philosophy and physics as science deniers.


According to BetKentucky’s research, the state with people most likely to believe this theory is Alaska. In the last year, there were 23,040 Google searches for the Flat Earth theory.

That’s roughly 314 searches per 10,000 residents.

We in NJ only had 165,120 searches in the last 12 months, about 178 searches per 10,000 residents.

So pat yourselves on the back, New Jerseyans, think about it: how rare is it that we actually beat the other states at something positive?

Now let’s work on the aforementioned property tax issue….

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