In an effort to add a little levity to your week I wanted to share the very funny comedian Peter Sasso. His comedy routine that he performed on my TV show, The Big Joe Henry Variety Show was a good routine that brought a lot of smiles to me, the band and the audience.

I’m a fan of comedians who can use props in a succinct way which adds more entertainment to their set. Peter does that with ease and incorporates audience members in his routine which captures more attention from the crowd.

He’s funny and talented and his juggling and comedy can be branded for all age groups. He is a regular on cruise ships and has done many corporate parties and events.

The virus has knocked out all the comedy venues. Comedians are scrambling to come up with some way to continue to entertain their audience.

I’m hoping that will change soon and we can get back to watching comedy the way we enjoy, in a jam packed club with dark lighting and a cocktail or two. When those clubs open check out Peter Sasso, you’ll be glad you did. Check out his routine from my TV show above.

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