New Jersey’s own Peter Dinklage has signed on to star in the remake of a film set in New Jersey, The Toxic Avenger. According to Deadline, it’s not a remake, per se, but rather a “contemporary reimagining of Troma Entertainment’s successful 1984 low-budget action comedy hit.”

If you’re unfamiliar with the movie, it’s about a meek janitor who is constantly harassed, picked on, and humiliated by patrons of the New Jersey health club where he works. During one incident of torment, he jumps out a window and lands in a vat of toxic waste, setting him on fire. The toxic goo and fire leave him disfigured but also confer superhuman strength to him; it turns him into a mutant. He becomes a vigilante, using his size and strength in fighting crime and exposing corruption. He leaves a mop at the scenes of his victories as his calling card.

The film was shot in various locations throughout New Jersey, including Rutherford and Jersey City. It was not much of a box office success upon its release but in the years since has become something of a cult classic, enough that several sequels were made in what became the Toxic Avenger franchise.

Peter Dinklage, the diminutive actor, is from Morristown, and is probably most famous for playing Tyrion Lannister in HBO’s hit Game of Thrones, for which he won Golden Globe, Screen Actors Guild, and Emmy awards. He was also in films including The Station Agent, Elf, and Avengers: Infinity Wars.

No release date has been announced for the new movie.

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