According to a story on, 65 UFOs have already been spotted in New Jersey this year. The National UFO Reporting Center says that there have been 9 reported in New Jersey this month alone (Harrison seems to be a particular hot spot).

The sightings include seeing things like hovering lights, fireballs, triangle shaped crafts, and disks. The Patch also quotes military pilots who have seen dozens of unexplained phenomena in the past few years, after their aircraft included more sophisticated equipment. According to research done by the Patch, there were 500 UFO sightings nationwide in May alone. The most recent New Jersey sightings were in Sicklerville and Lakewood. The Sicklerville spotting was of a cluster of flying oval objects with an orange beam which stayed visible for 30 minutes, while the Lakewood sighting was of 10 pairs of dual white lights which flashed; some of the pairs were closer to the ground than others and were observable for an hour.

Of course, many UFO sightings turn out to be hoaxes, but the National UFO Reporting Center tries to weed those out. Now, with everyone having a camera in their phone, we should be able to expect more photographic proof of these flying crafts. By the way, if you want to read about one of New Jersey’s more famous UFO sightings (in Wanaque), Weird New Jersey has a write-up on their website which you can see here.

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