Aren’t you curious? As you may have heard, a retired Air Force Major living in Medford says he was a part of an operation in 1978 where an alien was shot and killed by a member of the Military Police at Fort Dix. Yes, of course I had him on the show.

But before that, I asked our listeners if they’ve had any encounters with aliens in New Jersey and well, many have.

In one case, it was a sighting of none other than the Jersey Devil. That’s right a caller told a story of encountering the Jersey Devil in Marlboro. He described the sound like "a cat being stepped on" and then he let us hear what is sounded like. Take a listen here:

Question is whether or not you’ve seen anything inexplicable? Do you believe that there are aliens? I do not. I’m quite comfortable in my belief that we’re it. That’s right, in the entire universe. I have no problem believing that we are the only intelligent life. And why not? Life had to start somewhere right? Why couldn’t we be first? Maybe it’s our mission to inhabit the rest of the universe. Now as far as the Jersey Devil? We all know that he’s real. Obvi.

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