Yes, I’m writing about yet another list. According to a website called Satellite Internet, New Jersey ranks 42nd in the number of UFO sightings nationally. We had approximately 25 sightings per 100,000 people as opposed to 78 in the number one state, Washington.

Apparently, aliens like cooler weather as the top seven states for UFO sightings are all northern states (Washington, Montana, Vermont, Alaska, Maine, Oregon, and New Hampshire). Conversely, space visitors must hate humidity because the bottom five are all in the South: Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, Mississippi, and Alabama. The site used data from the National UFO Reporting Center for the sightings and the US Census for the population figures.

I particularly liked one of The Jaffee Briefing’s suggestions on why we get so few intergalactic visitors: they can’t figure out jughandles. If you want to spot a UFO you’ll want to wait a few months: UFO sightings go up in the summer. Of course, people spend more time outside then. Your best chances of seeing a UFO outside the US apparently are in Chile. they have the most reported sightings.

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