This morning Jim got reports of a flying object seen last night up in the sky over the Rt 22/Bridgewater/Somerville area.

Callers who were in the area last night said that they saw a large object hovering in the sky, something the size of a blimp. One caller even reported seeing blue and white colors on the outside of it.

If it was a blimp, what was it doing there? Was it going somewhere? Some callers seemed to think that if it was a blimp, it may have been in the area for the upcoming Jets/Giants game this coming Saturday night.

Interestingly enough, Justin Hare found some information that shows there have been other similar sightings in that same exact area over the years, dating as far back as the 1960's.

What do you think it was? Was it a blimp? Or was it another object?

If you were in that area last night and saw something, share your story below.