Once again a New Jersey icon will be featured on national television as Trenton’s famous Papa’s tomato pies will be featured on the Cooking Channels “Pizza Cuz” tonight (Monday) at 9pm.

Another NJ Landmark gets featured on Pizza Cuz
Flickr user Sister72


In case you haven’t seen it, Pizza Cuz” is the story of cousins Francis Garcia and Sal Basille, who visit pizzerias across the country learning how to make dough and toppings and discovering everything they can about pizza. You might say it’s “Pizzalicious”

Tonight’s show was taped at Papa’s in January, focusing on the pizzeria’s 100th anniversary and spending time in the kitchen with owner Nick Azzaro, who said the duo asked for a lesson in “mustard pies,” a Trenton delicacy in which mustard is cooked into the pizza dough.

Papa’s is just one of the many great Jersey delicacies. One of the things that make New Jersey so great is the food.  What are some of the other great dishes made by restaurants in new Jersey that you think would be worthy of a Food Channel visit?

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