If you happened to go into a store or supermarket in New Jersey over the weekend, you could see the fear and trepidation in people's eyes above their masks. They're mostly cloth masks or loosely fitting paper masks, which experts will tell you, do little or nothing to protect you or anyone around you.

People are dutifully following the governments medical guidance and complying like good citizens. The same government medical "experts" that told us early on that masks don't work, before telling us that we must wear one indoors in public, before telling us two might be better.

The City of Philadelphia is mandating masks for their unvaccinated employees. 

Not one, but two! The vaccine protects YOU and not anyone else, but the vax coercion continues and goes into overdrive.

Many of us know people who have been severely impacted by the vaccine, and not just feeling lousy for a few days. Real debilitating, long term effects that don't get the attention they deserve. Why not? Your guess is as good as mine but seeing those effects can put valid doubts in peoples' minds, but "shut up and take the shot" seems to be the response you get.

As breakthrough cases, including hospitalizations and deaths continue to rise and the efficacy of the vaccines seems to be in question, many in New Jersey keep following along like sheep.

I get it, they're scared, and they should be. Our government leaders and medical establishment has lost all credibility and continue to stress hiding and vaccination as the only answers.

How about taking better care of yourself and bolstering your immune system if you can.

How about researching therapeutics that work and the medical facilities that will prescribe them?

All the emphasis has been placed on social distancing, masking, and vaccines, when the death rate could have been severely curtailed if there were concrete guidelines and protocols for treatment and intervention. Many people in this state and around the country have lost all faith in our so-called leaders. The rest are still wearing masks.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis Malloy's own.

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