The tragic story of Luke David Bautista, the 15-year-old Wall Township boy who lost his life in an automobile accident last spring, got us talking about organ donors. Luke's living on through his organs, which were harvested and are enhancing the lives of up to 75 people.

We heard from caller after caller who either donated an organ or received one. But the hour ended with a call from Trisha who works in the operating room where organs are harvested. Trisha took us through the process and how different the room is when the harvesting is happening compared to other operations. Both are saving lives but in such a totally different way.

Tisha described a typical day in the O.R. as "a happy place," with music playing and casual conversation. On the day of the organ harvest, however, she described the mood as "solemn" with "a certain reverence in the air."

It was inspiring to hear what it was like from her perspective. She urges Jerseyans to consider being organ donors because you just don't realize how many lives you could be saving.

Organ donor registration is available online or in-person at all New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission locations — you can chose to have your choice to donate marked on your driver license or non-driver ID. Registering in person requires the same six points of identification and verification of your address as when getting a license.

But this is really important: You must confirm your decision each time you renew your license or non-driver ID.

So don't forget to check that box!

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