On December 17th, 1962, William “Billy” Jones disappeared from his home in Vineland; he was only three. According to Wikipedia, Billy went out to play with his sister, Jill; he was last seen by a neighbor’s house around 11:45 AM. According to Fox News, Billy was wearing a snow suit when he went outside; his sister returned home with an artificial potted poinsettia. She was younger than Billy and as recently as 2012 said she doesn’t remember that day.

Within an hour of the disappearance, a manhunt was initiated, a manhunt that grew to over 100 people as well as the New Jersey National Guard. A nearby automobile was searched but nothing was found. Not only were no remains ever found, no clues were ever found. In 2009, a Vineland detective reopened the case, but it remains unsolved. Billy’s sister is convinced he was snatched by a family that was trying to replace a deceased child.

You can find the wanted poster here.

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