It doesn't matter what kind of cuisine you're in the mood for, not only will you be able to find it in New Jersey, but it will most likely be delicious.

A rebounding city in The Garden State is getting the national spotlight for being one of the "Next Great Food Cities" in all of the United States.

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I give the team over at Food & Wine a lot of credit. It couldn't have been easy to spotlight just one Jersey town for its food.

The foodie and wine website asked readers to submit their selections for "food cities."

Melanie Hansche wrote:

The immense challenges of the last two years in particular have seen many chefs, restaurateurs, and makers leave bigger urban centers and return to their smaller home cities. This returning talent, plus a new generation of entrepreneurs, is spurring a burst of creativity, innovation, and deliciousness in under-the-radar destinations all over the country.

It's not just the views that impress diners.

It's a French Bistro like Madame Claude Bis.

It's an authentic Italian restaurant like Porto Leggero.

It's an upscale American Grille like Lighthorse Tavern.

Congratulations to Jersey City for being named one of America's "Next Big Food Cities" by Food & Wine:

Packed with vibrant food businesses, Jersey City isn't just a spot to drink in the breathtaking view of the skyline across the river—though it certainly is that, too—it's a food city where culture and community keep diners coming back.

New Jersey is a foodie's dream.

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