The news came out earlier this week that New Jersey businesses can expect to pay more in unemployment taxes, immediately. Perhaps with so many people concerned about mask mandates, vaccine passports and any scary "new variants," nobody seemed to notice.

Some Republican lawmakers pleaded with the Murphy Administration and the Democrat leaders in the legislature to use COVID relief money.

Insider NJ quotes Senator Oroho as saying, “New Jersey has a 7.3 percent unemployment rate, and this unnecessary tax increase on employers will kill more jobs. This was avoidable by using federal funds from the American Recovery Plan. We should have used COVID relief money that the state already has in its possession instead of adding burdens to job creators. Even while he is vacationing in Italy, the Governor is showing no respect for the employers crushed by his excessing closures.”

Some of the lawmakers asked him hold off on the taxes until businesses can recover from a disastrous year, thanks to the government mandated shutdowns. The answer was NO! Just like the mafia, the answer from the State of New Jersey is "f^@# you, pay me!"

Murphy has made it clear from the beginning of his reign of tyranny, that he doesn't care about how much you complain about taxes. Maybe that's why so many citizens and businesses have fled the state.

The shocking thing is that he is still leading in the polls in the gubernatorial race that is only months away.

Maybe enough of the people here don't pay taxes, are the beneficiary of state hand-outs, or are part of the machinery of state government. It could also be apathy or blind partisanship and loyalty to his party.

Whatever the reasons, this state is like a kamikaze plane hell bent on destroying its target. Its target is you and the middle class of New Jersey. Good luck with that.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis Malloy's own.

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