For the fifth straight year, the James Volpe Foundation will sponsor a Golf Classic in its namesake's memory, to be held this June 20 at Pine Barrens Golf Club in Jackson.

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Baseball, not golf, was Volpe's main sport prior to his death in a 2011 car accident in Manchester, but foundation vice president and co-chair John Mucia said teeing it up is an effective way to spread the word about the group's mission.

"Never really a big golfer, but again, the golf outing is a great way (to fundraise)," Mucia said. "A lot of people in the community enjoy it."

Community engagement is just one of the Jackson-based foundation's goals. Mucia and others are working hard to expand efforts to award scholarships throughout the state.

"We're raising money for scholarships for Jackson high school seniors, as well as scholarships we give out in other places, such as Kean University," he said, adding the nonprofit has been negotiating with Ocean County College to offer another one there.

While the Golf Classic continues to be a big fundraiser -- at $200 per golfer -- for the James Volpe Foundation, its other events are hitting on all cylinders. A winter dance got entirely positive feedback, and the group's annual wiffle ball tournament is coming up in August.

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