The mayor of Jackson is experiencing the low level of NJ politics first-hand. From social media posts with a noose to someone spitting at his daughter as she put up signs, it's gettin' ugly.

Screenshot of Facebook post with a noose and comments directed at Jackson Mayor Mike Reina
Screenshot of Facebook post with a noose and comments directed at Jackson Mayor Mike Reina (Moving Jackson Forward)

It does seem today that people have no boundaries. They seem, to feel that if you are a public figure they have a right to express themselves any way they feel.

Now, I'm all for free speech, but threats are threats. And spitting on a politician's kid? C'mon.

We've had our share of threats, protests at my house, and nasty and threatening messages on our cell phones. My wife has been threatened, even our dog. All because some people disagree with my position on some issues.

Recently we had a New Jersey bowling alley cancel an event for kids because my friend Ian Smith was going to speak.

Ian Smith

It's got to stop.

Any business that doesn't push back when a handful of haters want to cancel free speech will eventually succumb to being canceled themselves.

The bullies won't stop unless good people fight back.

Mayor Reina in Jackson is a great example of pushing through the hate. He's forging ahead and will not back down despite the threats.

We need more people like him in the public square. He joined me on air to talk about the current climate surrounding politics in NJ.

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