So this is what society has come to. The complete abdication by parents of all moral guidance, and handed over instead to our public schools. It's bad enough it's already been to the point we have something called 'character education' in our schools. This is where precious classroom time is taken up teaching what parents are supposed to teach their children. Things like respect, truthfulness, and empathy.

Now they want to teach our kids, starting in middle school, about rape and what sexual consent means. How did this all come about? In 2015 Gov. Christie signed legislation that created the New Jersey Task Force on Campus Sexual Assault. The mission was to stop sexual assault in college and better handle it when it does occur. Okay, that's great. Personally I say any idiot who would rape a woman needs a bullet in the head, but I digress.

The final report of this task force was just released, and in it is the recommendation we start teaching middle school and high school students all about sexual assault and the meaning of sexual consent. I have so many problems with this I don't know where to begin, so I'll only cite a few.

First of all, once again schools are trying to replace parents. If you're argument is going to be that some parents don't do their jobs and allow their children to grow up bereft of morals and guidance, my counter is that no couple of hours in health class is going to suddenly put them on a moral track. It won't happen. And I still believe the vast majority of families have taught their children enough respect for their fellow human beings that they know innately no means no and you don't take advantage of women. They certainly know that outright forcible rape is wrong. If they don't by middle school, again, no teacher taking three hours to explain it will ever undue the dysfunction they are living inside of at home and will do absolutely no good. Date rape, not taking advantage of girls, etc., these are all things I believe almost all even half-decent parents are talking to their kids about already.

Next, how do we define sexual consent anyway? If no means no is no longer adequate, how far do you want someone teaching your children that only yes means yes? Let me give the example of Antioch College that established one of the most over the top ridiculous consent rules for their campus back in the 90's. This was a school that basically said you have to stop every step of the way and ask permission for every single action you take. "May I kiss you?" "May I unbutton your shirt?" "May I kiss your neck?" "May I now put my hand on the back of your knee?" Even once the sex has started, their definition of consent says any change in the sexual activity (a change of positions or sexual act for example) requires further permission and acceptance. If you think I'm kidding, here are the first 5 steps in their formal consent policy drafted in the 1990's.

1. For the purpose of this policy, "consent" shall be defined as follows:
the act of willingly and verbally agreeing to engage in specific sexual behavior.
See (4) below when sexual behavior is mutually and simultaneously initiated.
Because of the importance of communication and the potential dangers when misunderstanding exists in a sexual situation, those involved in any sexual interaction need to share enough of a common understanding to be able to adequately communicate: 1) requests for consent; and, 2) when consent is given, denied or withdrawn.
Note: Recognized American and international sign languages are considered a form of verbal language for the purpose of this policy.
2. When sexual behavior is not mutually and simultaneously initiated, then the person who initiates sexual behavior is responsible for verbally asking for the consent of the other individual(s) involved.
3. The person with whom sexual contact/conduct is initiated shall verbally express his/her willingness or must verbally express consent, and/or express his/her lack of willingness by words, actions, gestures, or any other previously agreed upon communication.
Silence and/or non-communication must never be interpreted as consent.
4. When sexual behavior is mutually and simultaneously initiated, then the persons involved share responsibility for getting/giving or refusing/denying consent by words, actions, gestures or by any other previously agreed upon communication.
5. Obtaining consent is an on-going process in any sexual interaction. Verbal consent should be obtained with each new level of physical and/or sexual behavior in any given interaction, regardless of who initiates it. Asking "Do you want to have sex with me?" is not enough. The request for consent must be specific to each act.

If you want to see the whole thing, click here.

Do you want your own moral guidance being overruled by your kid's middle school? Do you want someone teaching your son that you basically need a lawyer present when they are a 20 year old grown man and in bed with a woman? Do you want someone teaching your daughter that if they are consensually making out with a man and he begins to unbutton her shirt without asking verbal permission that he is sexually assaulting her? Yes, I take sexual assault seriously. So much so that I say our laws are inadequate. As I alluded earlier, there ought to be a death penalty for rape. Yes, I teach my son you never hit a woman, and you certainly never do anything a woman seems uncomfortable with. I will also teach them you don't have sex with a woman you don't have an established relationship with even if she has said yes but seems too intoxicated to know what she's doing. No, I do not want a school system replacing my moral guidance.