Over the weekend, three dolphins washed up and died after floundering in shallow water in Sandy Hook Bay.

Dolphins, just like whales, are marine mammals that use echolocation to navigate and feed.

So the constant deafening pounding on the ocean floor caused by construction ships mapping the ocean floor might have something to do with this.

Photo via Anthony Bartone
Photo via Anthony Bartone

They are pounding the ocean bottom to make way for huge concrete pilings that will support the numerous and massive wind turbines off the coast of New Jersey and elsewhere.

The ship has been tracked all week off the shore doing its job. That "job" is likely the reason for these marine mammals struggling, dying and washing up on our beaches, according to some experts and opponents of the project.

Sunday a rally was held on the boardwalk in Point Pleasant Beach to rally support to get King Murphy to halt the project long enough to see if this is what is killing the marine mammals.

Photo via Anthony Bartone
Photo via Anthony Bartone

Congressman Jeff Van Drew and others spoke to a crowd of hundreds of concerned residents, fishermen and environmental activists to pledge their support in trying to stop this from happening.

People who live at the shore and visit and cherish it as a natural resource are obviously passionate about saving every bit of it.

Photo via Anthony Bartone
Photo via Anthony Bartone

They are fighting powerful forces with lots of money and the ginned-up zealotry of the climate change religious cult. It won't be an easy fight unless one of those whales washes up on King Murphy's back lawn.

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The bass are biting in New Jersey fresh waters

Starting in mid to late May the largemouth bass started biting on my favorite lake. I finally got a chance to get out and see how good the fishing is this year and it didn't take long to catch. I got two bass in the first 10 minutes on the lake. We used to fish exclusively with live bait, either worms, nightcrawlers (the bigger worms), or minnows. That got too easy and it's not what "real" fishermen do.

It's more of a sport if you fool the fish into biting your hook with the right lure and the proper presentation. You have to figure out what they would be feeding on that time of year, pick a lure that resembles that and finesse it in a way that makes it look enticing to the fish. To most people, this is a stupid waste of time, but to those of us who caught the fishing bug as a kid or an adult, it's almost addictive. OK, it is addictive.

Most people look at a body of water such as a pond, lake, river, or stream and admire it for its natural beauty. Fishermen try to figure out what kind of fish are below the surface and what would be the best spot to catch them. If you have small kids and you know how to fish, you can create amazing memories and give a great lesson on nature. My dad and my uncles did that for me and those of some of the best memories of my childhood.

There are so many different kinds of fish and fishing in New Jersey's fresh waters. We usually think of fishing at the Jersey Shore, but there are plenty of fishing opportunities not far from where you live. Make sure you know a few simple rules and ask a local tackle shop for some good advice on what to buy and where to go, and you're good to go. It's a great way to enjoy the diversity of landscapes we have here and challenge yourself a little.

I challenged myself for the first time this season to try and catch a few bass on Thursday afternoon right before the rain and thunderstorms and had success right away in one of my favorite fishing holes in Medford.

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