Well ... that's nothing, apparently.

Maybe that's no surprise. In late August, it was the fastest-growing petition on Change,org, according to the site. There's been solid activity around the #WeWantJon Twitter hashtag — though it's tapered off a bit since last month. There have been articles by Time, Deadline, the Los Angeles Times, CNN Money and plenty of others.

As recently as three days ago, Elizabeth Lazar wrote on the Huffington Post in favor of the idea. She said Stewart helped make sense of tragedy and inanity ... and that the presidential election was offering plenty of the latter:

He was more the twinkle-eyed bartender who saw we'd already had too many and offered a glass of water and some laughs at the end of the night. He was not another court jester with a crazy pet trick or a dubious priest dishing out dogma, so much as a happily-married, well-read Sunday School teacher bestowing relevant hermeneutics to a class of confused and wounded adolescents.

Which, frankly, is the regressive state this election season finds us in -- laughing into our palms during the school assembly, but secretly feeling terrified and divided.

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