NORTH BRUNSWICK — Who is entering homes while the residents sleep, drinking their alcohol and stealing their cars?

North Brunswick police are trying to identify a suspect in a series of overnight robberies in the area of Georges Road (Route 130). In every instance the suspect entered and remained in the home, while the residents were sleeping and never woke up.

The suspect has stolen alcohol, car keys, and in most cases, the actual car as he leaves a home. No one has had contact with the suspect, but home surveillance video has captured pictures. Police said he also may have broken into other homes but residents were not aware.

"We ask residents to lock all first floor windows during the overnight hours, and pay attention to any and all suspicious noises overnight. If you see any suspicious persons around your home, please report them to police 732-247-0922 x420," the department wrote on its Facebook page.

Police believe the suspect may have committed similar burglaries in neighboring towns.

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