The U.S. Coast Guard suspended a day-long search Saturday that began after a report multiple boaters might have been in a boat that capsized off the coast in Brigantine.

The search for three or four boaters, which began late Friday afternoon after a call to Brigantine police, covered 196 miles over 22 hours, according to the Coast Guard.

No reports were received about missing or overdue boaters, according to the Coast Guard. But Brigantine Police reported taking a call from someone who "reported possibly seeing three or four people on top of what may have been an overturned boat." Police said when they arrived, through binoculars they saw an object several hundred yards off shore.

Brigantine Police said they will continue to monitor the beaches for any sign of boaters.

The Coast Guard search involved am 87-foot cutter brought in from Virginia and an HC-130 airplane crew based in North Carolina.


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