How many times have you seen on your favorite police show, one cop say to the drug dealer "Listen, we're not here about the drugs, we're homicide." The "dealer" will give them the info they need because he knows that, even though they're not there for the drugs, "the drug police" are only a phone call away.

That's not true for illegals, who no longer have to cooperate with police for fear of being turned in. Now they can just laugh in a cop's face.

If the idea of not allowing the police to cooperate with ICE was to gain the trust of the community, I think it goes one step further by giving the community the upper hand on law enforcement. Of course, ICE is upset. Imagine being a police officer knowing someone is committing a crime and not being allowed by law to do anything about it? In what country does that happen? Well, it happens right here in New Jersey.

Among the things New Jersey police officers can no longer do is stop, question, arrest, search or detain any individual based solely on their suspected immigration status. They can't ask the immigration status of anyone unless it is part of an ongoing investigation of a serious offense. They can't participate in ICE immigration raids or operations. ICE can't access any state or local law enforcement equipment, databases or other resources. ICE can't interview anyone arrested on criminal charges unless suspects are advised of their rights by their lawyers.

Why is ICE the enemy?

We're actually at the point in New Jersey where a lawmaker has to ask for a law to crack down on unauthorized immigrants living in the Garden State who have been convicted or were charged with a sex crime in another country. Can you think of a country where the people of New Jersey can go and get the same type of protection?

This the tail wagging the dog. Law enforcement should not be worried about improving relations with those here illegally. If anything it should be the other way around.

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