If you haven't seen "The Sopranos" before, you're late to the party. And the arguably greatest television show of all time had its finale air 17 years ago on Friday.

And boy, was it a controversial one. I had long heard of how the show ended before I ever watched it. (This didn't stop me though.)

🚨Spoilers below if you've never seen the finale.🚨

Tony and his family meet at Holsten's (an actual restaurant in New Jersey) for a family dinner. The scene has tension with the impending threat of Tony being whacked. There are men across the diner that the camera focuses in on that we think could whack Tony but we never truly know the answer. That's because the scene cuts to black.

If you want to read and try to find more clarity on the end of "The Sopranos" you can do so here. 

Check out some of these tweets to celebrate the anniversary of the shows end.

This couldn't be more true! We never find out his name but he could be the one who ended up killing Tony.

A classic unfinished tweet to go along with what many called an unfinished ending.

It truly was the last supper we ever saw for this family.

I love seeing all the characters grow up. You know it's the sign of a good show when it runs so long nobody looks the same in the end!

Whether you liked the ending of "The Sopranos" or not, there is no denying how big the show was. I personally didn't mind the ending, but I'm probably not in the majority.

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